Discover your Mental Power

Your reality is created by your beliefs and thoughts.

If you improve your thoughts you improve your mental and emotional state, with which

  • You will respond more appropriately to life’s varying situations.
  • You will enjoy more of everything around you
  • You will attract to your life everything you want

And as a consequence you can definitely create, change or enhance your reality.

But to improve your thoughts, you need to first reprogram your mind.

Here you can find answers to the questions that you may be asking about the
functioning of your mind and what to do to reprogram it.
We have summarized and simplified the concepts to present them to you in
the most accessible way possible

We have summarized and simplified the concepts to present them to you in the most accessible way possible.

The mind is the functioning brain. It has two different parts working together: the conscious and subconscious mind.

This is how they work:
1. The brain perceives the signals of what is happening around you, and the mind interprets this based on thought patterns that have been reinforced and stored in the subconscious previously.

2. Based on this interpretation, it activates mechanisms in the brain to release chemicals (such as neuropeptides) and send signals to the body to release hormones that reach all cells in the body through the bloodstream.

3. These chemicals are what make you react in one way or another, for example, feeling: anxiety, appetite, sleep, worry, stress, joy.

In summary, the perception that your mind has to interpret a situation controls your body and modifies your mental and emotional health, influencing your response and the resulting consequences.

An event is an external factor that has already occurred and generally little or nothing can be done to modify it. Normally before the same event people react differently since the interpretation that the mind makes of each of these people is different.

Your mind’s interpretation of an event affects your response and therefore the resulting consequences.

Let’s take a simple example: on the way home, a traffic light turns red just before you can pass.

• Based on your mind’s interpretation, an unfavorable response will make you feel uneasy to the point of denying your luck. You will relate that event to other events of the day and you will feel impatience and anxiety to arrive, which can even lead you to make decisions that put yourself or others at risk.

• On the other hand, if the interpretation of your mind is oriented to a favorable response, you will feel calm, you will take advantage of the moment to rest, to pause safely, allowing you to observe and enjoy your surroundings, you will even remember something that motivates you or make you happy. You will smile and you will continue.

How will you realize the event is the same but the reaction and the consequences are different since they start from different interpretations and that is why your beliefs are so important, because they constitute the pattern against which your mind interprets the environment and the events.

Your reality is made up of 5% by the consequences of your conscious actions and 95% by those of your subconscious influence.

A widely spread example compares thoughts with seeds, the conscious mind with the gardener who plants them, and the subconscious mind with the garden soil in which they are planted.

The garden soil (subconscious mind) does not discriminate good seeds from bad ones, it will simply grow and root those that the gardener (conscious mind) decides to plant.

These seeds (thoughts) are constantly planted throughout the day through repetition, which is the way the gardener (conscious mind) buries the seeds (thoughts) in the ground (subconscious mind) to create the garden (your reality).

The evidence conclusively demonstrates that whatever you sow in your subconscious mind you will reap in who you are as a person, in your surroundings and in your reality.

Some seeds are good (they will have wonderful results), but others can be bad (have devastating and limiting consequences) for the garden, that is, for your life and your reality.

Another well-known example is the one that compares the conscious mind with an old movie projector, and the subconscious mind with the tape. What you see in the movie of your life is what your conscious mind projects, and your conscious mind projects what is stored in your subconscious mind.

These two comparisons make one thing clear: It is vital that you generate the correct suggestions to the subconscious from consciousness.

In the words of these examples, reprogramming your subconscious mind is the equivalent of sowing the right seeds in the ground to create the garden you want for reality or to tape record what you want to see reflected in the film of your life.

Your subconscious mind does not distinguish between what is real and what is not, and will accept any pattern or idea that you repeatedly present to it and then reflect it in your life.

You are an expert in programming your mind, you have done it all your life in the form of experiences that marked you, or phrases that repeated to you or thoughts that you repeated yourself constantly.

Unfortunately, until now, you have probably programmed your mind reinforcing negative thoughts and limiting beliefs or you have not considered important to include or reinforce those constructive and empowering beliefs that align with your goals.

Don’t worry, whatever your mind’s programming is, you have the power to reprogram it through the scientifically proven concept called Neuroplasticity, which is defined as the brain’s ability to change its structure and function through persistent repetition of thoughts.

The 3 powers that Mental Power uses in order to successfully reprogram your mind are: SUBCONSCIOUS – CONSCIOUS – ACTION


Through technology, this Power facilitates auto-suggestion through the systematic repetition of affirmations and visualizations, that is, of phrases and mental images that describe your objective in its reached state. Progressively your neural structure will be modified to save your new programming, thus recording it in your subconscious mind.

In addition to feeling better than ever, the above will make your reality become the wonderful garden you long for or that in the movie of your life the scenes you want so much will begin to be projected.


Recalling a previous example, the reproduction of affirmations affirmation repetition routines is like burying the correct seeds in the ground, that is, in the subconscious mind, but keep in mind that if the rest of the day you keep your mind conscious (that is to the gardener) in exactly the opposite will be equivalent to digging up the seeds you planted from the soil.

The Conscious aspect generates two fundamental benefits:

1º) Take care and water for the rest of the day the seeds planted with the affirmations, so that they germinate, grow and you can finally take advantage of their fruits.

2nd) Be more efficient and enjoy each activity more.

Both benefits are achieved by facilitating, through technology, the selection and incorporation of attention and concentration habits, blocking negative thoughts and improving perception.


The reproduction of affirmations for reprogramming the subconscious and Focus will prompt you to incorporate new and better habits. Imagine your achievements if you could also have a tool that organizes you, motivates you and constantly helps you acquire the discipline that is required to guarantee and make all your wishes come true.

The third Power uses technology to make this tool possible, turning your wishes into objectivessetting a deadline to fulfill them and putting reminders at your disposal so that you can follow up by self-evaluating yourself or asking people close to you to evaluate you, the latter will increase even more your commitment and consequently your chances of success.

Experience the Synergy of the 3 Powers

Mental Power puts in your hands the necessary technology to make applicable the concepts and the world-approved techniques to create, change or definitely enhance your reality
You have much more power than you imagine, use it!