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Mental Power is a Well-Being and Productivity App designed to facilitate the systematic and sustained practice of world-renowned techniques. This habit tracker app helps people Be and Feel better by showing them how to unlock their mind and use it to their benefit to achieve their objectives and improve their life.

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There is no other application that integrates the training of the Subconscious mind, the Conscious mind and Actions.

Mental Power works synergistically with these training activities in what we call
The 3 Personal Powers:

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Subconscious Power

Conquer your limiting beliefs by training your subconscious mind through systematic repetition of affirmations.

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Conscious Power

Transform your negative thoughts into positive ones by directing your mind towards what you want.

Poder de acción

Power of Action

Align your actions with your aspirations using our advanced habit-building and tracking strategies thereof.

Discover the benefits of the ultimate habit mastery tool

Enhance each aspect of your life with our all-in-one toolkit designed to ensure your success in habit tracking.

Mental power app

Change your mindset

Reprogram your mind and learn how to respond better to life's varying situations, fostering adaptability.

Mental power app

Be positive & enjoy more

Improve your well-being and find happiness with our set of affirmations optimized with binaural beats and background music.

Mental power app

Attract abundance

Learn about innovative tecniques to attract abundance to your life, unlock the power to manifest your dreams and goals.

Mental power app

Improve your emotional intelligence

Our set of tecniques, tips and functionalities will help you to develop your emotional intelligence, fostering empathy and better communication skills.

Mental power app

Feel empowered

Set up your personal objectives and rewire your brain to acccomplish what you truly desire.

Mental power app

Overcome addiction

Reclaim control of your life. Explore proven methods and tecniques to start your journey to recovery today!

Mental power app

Handle stress & anxiety

An holistic tool to help you to cope with stress and anxiety. Foster a state of deep relaxation and inner peace.

Mental power app

Be inspired

Receive daily motivational quotes and ignite your passion. Create the correct mindset for success.

Mental power app

Build better relationships

Change your thoughts and improve your mood and mental state, be stronger to build stronger bonds with your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our app offers solutions to virtually any area of personal development, with our habit tracker, e have to understand that the process of modifying the way A simple example would be a salesperson looking to boost their sales closures. What he should do is use our predefined set of Affirmations in the Subconscius Power section or record his own affirmation and schedule it to repeat before going to work each morning. These affirmations can be about self-esteem, confidence, eloquence, or anything he wish to record in his own voice. This means that every morning he would mentally prepare in advance and arrive at work with a better attitude and mindset. This is an adaptative method, because our set of affirmations can be personalized and applied to any area of life. 

With our app you will have access to powerful tecniques to hack your way to success. In the Conscious Power section, you have the Perception Enhancement channel where you can select tecniques like The Opportunity, this will develop your ability to change the way you respond to difficult situations you will start seeing them as an opportunity instead of a real problem, something crucial in business. You also have The tecnique called The Objective, that will help you to see every obstacle from the distance and with more objectivity, to keep a consistent and coherent view of the situation to find the most appropiate solution.

Our app is an excellent ally for professional recovery treatment. For example in our Action Power section you can set up your goal to “Reduce comsuption to zero”, and the interesting part is that you can add “What triggers these actions” to keep in mind what kind of situations stimulate your consumption and avoid them. With this Action Power Goal you will set tup Internalization checkpoints and evaluation dates to constantly remind you your Goal. Focusing your mind in this way will keep you in the right track for full recovery.

The tools offered by Mental Power serve as an aid for psychological, psychiatric, or medical treatment. For example, in our Conscious Power section you can go to “Blocking Negative Thoughts” and you will see 4 tecniques to deal with intrusive, negative or self-sabotaging thoughts.

Better mental health translates into better relationships, so each section of our app will allow you to improve your perception of relationships and improve them. But soon Mental Power will go beyond that and will have a functionality exclusively dedicated to interpersonal relationships, stay tuned to our updates!

Having troubles to fall asleep? Or maybe you just don’t get enough rest or don’t feel energetic when you wake up, for any of these problems we recommend working with our predefined affirmations in the Subconscious Power section. Do the voice of your children, partner, a family member or friend relax you? You can record with them a relaxing affirmation, this affirmations combined with Binaural Beats and Relaxing Background create a powerful combination for a quality rest.

Many times we are unable to concentrate on our studies because of self-sabotaging thoughts that distract us, whether you are a college or high school student, or you are in the process of learning a new skill or gaining knowledge about any subject. You have at your disposal a whole section dedicated to Attention and Concentration, other technique you can use is  Recognizes and ignores the saboteur” on the Conscious Power section to eliminate that annoying voice that diminishes your mental and emotional health with distracting thoughts that prevent you to achieve academic excellence.

Yes, Mental Power focuses on customization to fit the unique needs of each user. The app allows users to select and adjust techniques and activities based on their personal goals and experience level, ensuring a more relevant and effective experience.

Results may vary by individual, but many users report feeling a positive impact on their well-being and productivity within the first few weeks of regular use. It is important to remember that continuous improvement is achieved with practice and long-term commitment.

What Great People Said

The pessimist sees difficulties in every opportunity and the optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty.
Winston Churchill
Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Known for his leadership during World War II.
We see things, not as they are, but as we are
Marcus Aurelius
Roman emperor and philosopher
Man can change his life by changing his thinking
William James
Philosopher and psychologist
Whatever the mind can conceive and believe can be achieved
Napoleon Hill
Whether you think you can or not, you are absolutely right.
Henry Ford
Businessman and Entrepreneur
Your wish is your prayer. Now imagine the fulfillment of your wish and feel its reality and you will experience the joy of the answer
Joseph Murphy
We see things, not as they are, but as we are
Immanuel Kant
He is considered one of the most influential thinkers of modern Europe and universal philosophy.
We are not affected by what happens to us, but by what we tell ourselves about what happens to us.
Greek philosopher of the Stoic school.

Discover and use the infinite power of your mind

Change your beliefs, improve your thoughts, incorporate new habits and become your best version.